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Mary Cote

I have several passions: my family, my writing, gardening, photography, and honey/bees. The writing extends to more than 'just writing', and to more than just 'me' -- I write under several names, for different reasons. The genres spread from comedy to literary, with some mystery, suspense, and war stories thrown into the mix. The form? It is definitely more than 'just novels'. I play with short stories, poetry, blogs, plays, screen plays, and just about anything else I can put my hand, or fingers, to in an attempt to entertain, vent, share, encourage or cause the reader to consider the possibility. The work? I write, but also mentor, edit, and publish. In a business that has many different hats and purposes, I have yet to find one that doesn't make me smile. Every aspect of it is rewarding, inspiring, fulfilling. If a word of mine or a thought I share brings a smile to your face, for even a moment, my work is done.

I share this site with other authors, one I am thrilled to say is also family. Tony Walkden is my youngest, and although his passion is wildlife, not words, he has managed to parlay both into two award-winning books on conservation and the environment, with a third one in the works. Two others, DeeJay Arens, and Honey Boudreaux, are more than just fellow writers. Both of them are also award-wining novelists.

I also would like to give credit where credit is due with regard to my amazing covers, most of which are the creative genius of my other progeny, Greg Walkden. Along with being a tremendous sounding board when it comes to plots (although sometimes he does shudder at what I am thinking) he always manages to capture the perfect visual for the books.


Bee-Ology: A Backyard Guide to Bees

Bees intrigue us, sometimes intimidate us, but mostly they help to feed us. Albert Einstein argued that without bees, we would perish within four years. Bees and other pollinators are critical to our continued existence. How do they make honey? What do they do in the winter? Are they the only pollinators in my back yard? Do I have to be a beekeeper in order to help protect bees? Bee-Ology introduces you to honey bees as well as many other bees that are already around you, and helps you encourage them to work in your garden. It explains why stings hurt, what to do when you are stung, what is Colony Collapse Disease, what beekeepers do all year, and so much more. Written by beekeepers, we have included the questions we are most often asked about bees, honey, and pollination. Mostly we just hope to share with you why we are so in love with these amazing little animals, and why they truly are little flying miracles.


Environment Category 

Baffin Blues: A Cabochon Incorporated Adventure

The Qauppat Mine on Baffin Island is a state-of-the-art project, intended to provide for the survival of the workers at the sapphire mine, as well as for the local population, in one of the most harsh environments in the world. A bomb, however, threatens to shut down the mine, stopping the educational, medical and social programs the mine is providing along with the much needed year-round source of food from their domes. A jewel thief, spies, poachers and foreign governments are standing ready to pick at the bones of what might be left once the mine is gone. As the fight for Arctic sovereignty heats up, Brad and Ryan find themselves caught between the demands of their former military lives as they are recalled to duty, and the obligations and commitments of the corporation they run. Ghosts from the past, both living and dead, haunt them as they struggle to do what's right. 'Right', however, is a subjective issue, and could be the one thing that finally strains their friendship to the breaking point.

My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean: The First Book of Lucinda

Forced to surrender her female persona for most of her life, Mary Read suppresses every feminine wile in order to fit in. A woman aboard a pirate ship is a harbinger for disaster but still she is able to carve out a reputation as a ruthless but very capable pirate. When The Revenge plunders a merchant ship, she insists they offer quarters to one of the crew – an artist with questionable sea legs. How can she acquiesce to her desire to be with Will Cooper, while still allowing no one to know she is a woman? Will she be able to escape certain execution and to have a quiet life with one man?

Now, on her Judgment Day, she must explain her time in the West Indies. Sitting at the hand of God, she must recount her years aboard The Revenge – the plundering, the plotting and the killing. Surrounded by more colorful characters than she would want to admit to any Deity, she must find perspective in those years, and understanding of why her life had taken her in that direction. In the most unlikely circumstances, Mary, Will, Calico Jack and Anne Bonny learn that justice and trust take on many faces, and that along with love – physical sexuality and emotional love – they are to be embraced.

The Gospel of Mariamne

Who better to teach one of love than Yeshu?a of Nazareth? Mariamne knew she was blessed to have Yeshu?a in her life. With the Sea of Galilee far behind them, they travel to Cornwall with Yeshu?a?s uncle, Yusef of Arimathea, cementing their relationship along the way. While Uncle Yusef inspects his tin mines, Yeshu?a and Mariamne go to Stonehenge, where, for the next 14 years, they learn the many things they need to help heal the bodies and souls of the oppressed people of Judea. When they return, they spend the next three years doing just that, becoming political and religious threats in their home land. To Christians, Yeshu?a would become the Savior. To Mariamne, he was a husband, a lover, and the father of her children, and she would do anything to save him.

The Gospel of Mariamne chronicles the life of Mary of Magdala and her marriage to Jesus.

The Gospel of Mariamne was a Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the category of Religious Fiction. 


Bhisti Incorporated has finally received government approval to introduce their hydrogen cell fuel to the world ? they have perfected the process that allows vehicles to run on water. The upcoming announce-ment though has angered the bio-fuel world, and some of them would stop at nothing to prevent Bhisti from moving ahead. Virginia Darnell is ready for them, though; as head of security for the family company, she has prepared for just about every contingent, except one. Now the life of her niece hangs in the balance, and the threat expands to include even more of her family. She has to stop them, before her entire family is sacrificed on the altar of their hatred.

Game of Life (play)

Irreverent as hell, this play in two acts sees God, Allah and Buddha sitting at the table, playing what as turned into a millennia-old bout of Game of Life, moving their playing pieces around the board and discussing where they may have made the odd mistake. With their assistants catering to their every whim, the three deities grumble about how they are used and abused, while trying to keep a PMS-ing early-menopausal Jewish Mother Nature from creating too much havoc on Earth.

M-4, F-5 Two Acts

From Time To Eternity

There is no one so alive as he would has accepted death. Wyatt woke up on November 1st, sure that it would be his last November 1st. There was no reason for it; it was just a feeling, so his best friend Dylan convinces him it's time to see the world, or at least a part of it, and takes him out of his comfort zone. The neurotic, germophobic, xenophobic Wyatt is in for an eyeful when he arrives in Haiti. Still in rubble, suffering for clean water, food and shelter, he and Dylan stay in the hostel, helping other volunteers and learning that in the midst of death and destruction, there was a reason for living. When their journey to Haiti is over, they had agreed to go to Italy, to live Wyatt's dream of seeing the great works, the history, the civilization... only for him, Italy also was full of change. Nothing is the same in his world when he finally returns home. Could the premonition have been about him starting a new life in the world he thought he knew or is it something more sinister?

Trip Anderson, USMC: The Road Less Traveled

Yellow footprints painted on San Diego concrete mark the starting point for Trip Anderson's journey. They lead him, bloodied and scarred, through the hills of the Peloponnese and the poppy fields of China, on to the Pusan Perimeter. Was it all in preparation for Korea -- the 'forgotten war' that could never be forgotten by those men who were there -- and beyond? In charge of men who were hastily prepared for combat, leading them through the landing at Inchon and a deadly winter at Chosin, Trip needs all his acquired skills and knowledge to get his men, as many of them as possible, through three years of hell then back home again. The big question is what waits at home for him when the fighting is done, as political, military and personal realities set in. His post-Korean life holds a commission, but also heart break, national upheaval, and yet another war -- Vietnam -- where his sacrifices for his country reach new heights. His journey is that of a US Marine, on the road that is unfathomable to most civilians; he takes the road less traveled.

ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Finalist 2014, NIEA National Indie Excellence Award Finalist, Military Fiction category 

Pigeon Blood Red: A Cabochon Incorporated Adventure

It was supposed to be a routine inspection of Cabochon Incorporated?s interests in Tasmania. However, when Ryan Matthews arrives at the Ravishing Ruby mine, he instead finds himself caged, surrounded by carnivorous marsupials and entwined in murder, kidnapping, drug dealing and fraud. Instead of being surrounded by lustrous red gemstones, his world becomes one of opium poppies, spilled blood and sacrificial pigeons. His wife, Andi, and his best friend, Brad, must come to his rescue, aided by a collection of characters and wild animals as diverse as the island itself as they uncover the criminal connections to both the mine and the local police.

Green Gold: A Cabochon Incorporated Adventure

The management of Cabochon Incorporated travel to Ecuador to investigate irregularities with their Oro Verde emerald mine. Although they head there expecting to identify who is stealing their gemstones, they soon become entwined in a multitude of illegal activities, many stemming from connections to Colombian drug cartels. Andi, Ryan, Brad and Liam soon learn that there is nothing their nemesis will not do in his lust for money and power. They also learn that the four of them are the last obstacle to the successful execution of an evil, deadly plan.


Destroying her husband's illegal operations is the only thing that can save Andi Sterling and her two sons. When Aubrey Sterling discovers her betrayal, he attempts to kill her. Unaware that he is being watched as he throws what he is convinced is her lifeless body into Rainbow Lake, he contents himself with the knowledge that she is no longer a threat to him. His interest turns to locating his children -- one to groom as an heir, one to eliminate as an embarrassment. The three who witnessed Sterling?s murderous rage have different plans. Two of the three, trained navy SEALS, rescue Andi then will stop at nothing to help her achieve all that she set out to accomplish.

The Red of Flowing Blood I See

They will do nothing?”

“Oh no, they have promised to definitely do something. They will try to stop whatever we attempt to arrange for military honors. They make no secret of that. We cannot get permission for Scott to be buried in the Field of Honor, we cannot have a color guard or a flag... nothing.” The priest drank, stared at the bottle. “The boy gave his life fighting for something he believed in, just like thousands of others before him. Despite the government’s position, he believed this was necessary, and he gave his life for that belief. Those elected assholes in Ottawa might not want to call it a war, but all evidence to the contrary. If they want to prove it’s not a war, then they should stop selling millions of dollars worth of ammunition for it. They are the worst kind of hypocrites – the ones that line their pockets with the blood of others, and pretend like they are taking the high road.”


The United States Government has sent Chuck Franklin a personal invitation to Vietnam, one that he really can't refuse... or can he? For reasons not typical of most draft dodgers, he finds himself in Canada, embraced by a family who has seen their own son cross the 49th parallel in order to serve with the US Marines in support of the South Vietnamese. Now he must decide if spending the rest of his life in exile is any less a sentence to hell than the jungles of southern Asia would be.


Blake Calder has come back to Scotland in search of an answer to the one question that has haunted him for almost twenty years. Being back in Greenoch, overlooking the Firth of Clyde, he remembers the events that led to him joining the Kings Own Calgary Regiment, the battles he fought, the love he found. Returning to the oak tree on the bluff where he and Ayne would sit together, he draws on the strength of his Uncle Stephen, his sister Mo and his many brothers, to face the truth about the only woman he would ever love. Why did he survive Dieppe, Ortona, Arezzo, when so many others perished? Why would a God he had been raised to love and trust allow this hell to happen?

The answers, he knows, are in Greenoch. Now he has to find the strength, or perhaps a kindred soul, to help him face those answers.


Corruption and manipulation are running rampant when Father Adamo Bianchi returns to Rome to attend his mother's funeral. He is sure that his two younger sisters are condemned to eternal damnation because of their activities. Abuse of power, indulgences, espionage and murder all become integral aspects of Adamo's life while he disregards the moral virtues that propelled his vocation. Will he sacrifice his sisters of the altar of lust for Crimson silk?

Never Again, Forever

They lied. All of them; the politicians, the news anchors, the economists all lied when they talked about the economic 'bump in the road'. They lied about global warming. They lied about everything. Rose Stanton realizes this as she scrambles to pick up the pieces of her life and tries to hold them together. The economy has disintegrated. The corporate world has collapsed, destroying industries and communities in its wake. Global warming is in reality a polar reversal that has resulted in a loss of all satellite communications and total disruption in the electrical grid. Overnight, Rose and her family are tossed into an early 1900's lifestyle, but she is determined to carry on.

A new widow, Rose watches her family rally to meet the challenges head-on. She opens her doors to others, including two of her son's friends, both soldiers returning from a war that could not be won without high-tech weapons. The war at home continues as lawlessness and despair run rampant. The family soon learns that even in these hard times, greed and opportunism could be the greatest threat. It is a lesson that could cost the Stanton family everything.


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