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Honey Boudreaux

Here’s a little something to get to know me better. As a young girl, my Grandmother handed me a small deck of cards. Not the type of cards with numbers and suits – these cards had pictures. Along with the cards came a paper that explained what each picture meant. Not knowing anything about Tarot (no computers then) – I was pretty much self-taught. So began my experience with Tarot. A few years later, an Aunt introduced me to pendulums – do you think they knew something about me that I didn’t know? My interests grew in

what was considered back then as the dark side. Good Catholic girl, raised in an every Sunday church going family started looking for answers. I kept my readings to friends and some family (cousins) that I was close to and read them mostly for fun. I wasn’t too bad!

As time passed, I worked; I married, had three daughters then divorced. My cards stayed tucked away. After a few more years, I remarried, had two more daughters and eventually ended that marriage. Since my first three were now older, I decided it was time to take out the cards. Today, they all have a keen interest in Tarot and the uses of Crystals.

I have raised five beautiful daughters, eight amazing grand-bugs to date and have thrown myself back into the work force. I am destined to be surrounded by my girls and bugs and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Yes – after these many years, I have found myself again and to this day still carry my original “pictured cards” with me everywhere I go! The girls debate over who will inherit them! I’m not going anywhere anytime soon! They will have to wait!

Love & Light



Enter Eternity

A rogue wave, a struggling swimmer -- Jillian goes to help. It could be the last things he does... in this realm. As doctors struggle to save her, she takes her own journey, choosig to open that door and walk through to another time. She sees herself at Hotohke'e, a Native American, getting married, raising her family then dying from a disease that was unknown to her people. As one past life ends, she passes through more doors, more lives, struggling to hide her family from the sadistic monsters who rule over a future realm, servicing her master in one way and his children in another as they, too, die. Each door reveals another skin Jillian once wore, another time she once experienced -- England and France in the time of Henry the Eighth, Germany during the second world war, and even purgatory, unwillingly doing the will of a supreme commander. Will she linger too long at one of these lives, or is she about to embark on another new life yet to be lived?

ENTER ETERNITY was a 2015 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist in the Paranormal category.

Fool Me Once

Being a Dreamer has its perks; unfortunately, Shelby is having one dream too many about people meeting their tragic end. She is not alone. Since childhood, Shelby and Tristan have been frequent characters in each others' subconscious world but have never met, until now.

Shelby catches sight of her familiar visitor in the halls of their school and realizes he is more than just a player in her visions. She is determined to warn Tristan of his impending doom, even if it means he’ll thinks she is insane. Before she has an opportunity to approach him, though, Tristan introduces himself and shares some unsettling news: He is also a Dreamer and it is Shelby’s lifeless body he sees in his dreams.

Shelby and Tristan should have died. What they see as a gift, Death sees as interference with fate. Despite keeping their gift hidden, one figure has taken notice. Death intends to stop them from meddling with the fate of others… permanently.

Death is now their shared nemesis. Eluding its fatal designs will take vigilance, wit and the insight of their prophetic dreams. Even the ability to see the enemy’s master plan may not be enough if Death throws in a twist, unless Shelby comes up with a twist of her own. Would it be enough to win round two? Sometimes you can cheat Death.


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Enter Eternity


Fool Me Once


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