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This space is a place for writing. Originally it was shared with my son, for his works on conservation and nature, but I am so very happy to include two very wonderful writers who also happen to be very wonderful friends. Together we have slain dragons, traversed bumps, mended fences... we have laughed, cried, mourned, worked, and plotted together, and because of them the journey has been made so much the richer.

Please check out the links for their amazing, award-winning books. They are all award winners in their own right, and I am incredibly honored to share my space with them. 

Our Amazing Award Winners (so far!)

We Have A New One to Add to the List! (July 2020)


Please Note:

Everything on these pages is copyrighted by the author. Copying or use of these works or portions thereof is expressly forbidden without proper written consent from the author.

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