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Posted by mfwalkden on September 23, 2014 at 10:40 AM

Well, I suppose a change is a good as a rest, right? I hope so, at least. I wanted to update some new releases and upcoming release information, and ended p giving the whole place a face lift.

Surprisingly, one of the changes I needed to make was to AmandaLyn's page. We're still not sure this is a good thing. You see, she wrote some poetry (what she calls pooetry, because I suppose to her everything is a bit irreverent). From the title on through, you should be warned it's a bit of a bumpy ride. Through A Cannabis Haze and Rose-Colored Glasses (A Twisted Look at Sex, Religion and Politics... in verse of course) -- she has a gift for titles. *rolls eyes* She covers everything from baseball to wiener dogs, including stops in Ottawa, Washington and Vatican City.  

Tony's page will also soon be growing as he finishes off another book, this one on introduced species. He has spent two years researching this one, and we're hoping it will do even better than With A Dying Breath. He's still trying to find a place to donate his royalties on this one, so suggestions are welcome (bearing in mind that he is looking for a wildlife conservation/awareness organization).

As for me, well, as you can see, we've added my play, Game of Life. I sort of released my inner Bambi when writing that one -- an evening (in relative terms of time) with God, Allah and Buddha as they play the board game and discuss some of their mistakes. We're not talking just avocato pits here. I also have a redux of Redemption, along with a snazzy new cover, that was released this week. I'm glad to see Chiara, Livia and Adamo out there once more. Bhisti and The Gospel of Mariamne will be making their debuts in the next few months. Bhisit is my first foray into the realm of suspense, and I hope it meets the mark. The Gospel of Mariamne is the story of Mary Magdala and her relationship with Jesus. Before you get all upset about it, I am not saying that this is, well, gospel truth. It's fiction, sharing what I think could have happened, or perhaps what I would like to think happened, based on the data available.

The fourth installation in the Cabochon Incorporated Adventure series, Baffin Blues, is coming along. As the name indicates, we've gone from hot, arid Tasmania to damned cold Baffin Island in the Canadian arctic. There are some new characters -- some who will be memorable, and some you will defniitely want to forget, but it should be a fun ride.

Speaking of rides, if you missed WAMMs Great WAMMerican eScape when it was live, you may still want to go back and read through it. It was a blast! If you can't afford a vacation, why not take an e-cation with your best friends! It was a crazy ride. I've heard there are more promos on the way... also involving travel... but not for this chick. She'll be here, writing, researching and reading, but that's absolutely okay. You won't hear me complaining!

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