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Some big changes

Posted by mfwalkden on May 9, 2013 at 6:00 PM

It's been a while... too long, in fact... but for some good reasons. The first is that i wanted to add to the site. The first, and arguably the most important, addition is that of the Tony Walkden tag. Yes, he is related. He is my youngest son -- my award winning author youngest son. Take some time to check out his page and his book. All of his royalties go to the IUCN to help with global conservation. To say that he is passionate about animals and nature would be a tremendous understatement.

The second thing that has kept me from writing here is that I have been busy because, along with Tony, we also have the wonderful DeeJay Arens and his debut book that has blown the doors off the place by taking first place in the New Generation Book Awards 2013. If you have not read this book, you should. It is amazing. You will not be sorry, and you will be changed for the better for reading it. It was a well-deserved accolaid, and I am very proud to consider DeeJay a dear friend. Congratulations, Deej. I never doubted for a moment that you could do it. ((hugs))

There is also the very simple reason being that I have been writing, and editing, and all that other good stuff,  till my fingers are about to drop off. Writers AMuse Me has some great new authors coming out in the next few months -- Barbara Townsend, Steve Saari and Robert Clark all have some incredible books for us -- check out the Writers AMuse Me website to see them all. Heather Gregson and Shakey Smith have more goods coming out as well, and I have two coming out. The first is set for release on Memorial Day (May 27th). Trip Anderson, USMC: The Road Less Travelled has been an incredible journey for me, following Trip, who was introduced to us In The Red of Flowing Blood I See, as he goes as a young man fresh out of school to join the US Marines, and follows him through his many different tours and assignments, seeing him in love, in combat, in pain, and learning how he dealt with it all. The second release, set for November, is Pigeon Blood Red, the third in the Cabochon series. Ryan landed in a pile of trouble in Tasmania. Now Brad and Andi have to get him out of it, hopefully alive. There are definitely more Cabochon books in the works. The next will be Baffin Blues.


You can check out the Book Trailers for these and the rest of the books on the new Book Trailers tab at the top of the page. Yes, they all have trailers (PBR will have one up soon). You can also check out the trailers at Writers AMuse Me -- they have them for all the books coming out.

There is one other change I am making to the site, one that might surprise some of you. Besides the tabs for Tony and the Trailers at the top of the page, two other authors and their works have been added. To be honest, they are not really two other people -- they are just different facets of, well, me. I write under two other names, and have done so for years. It's never been a secret, but not something we advertised either, but because of time constraints, it is just easier to have everyone in the family together in one place. The two, Tom Bryde and AmandaLyn Donogal, are as polar opposite as it is possible to be, but they are both sides of me that are fun to indulge in periodically, and they do seem to have their own unique voices and opinions. Yes, it is very possible that I am losing my mind, but at least I am having some fun in the process.

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