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More Awards!

Posted by mfwalkden on August 5, 2017 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

There is more book bling in the household today! 

Tony's second book, Aliens Among Us; Introduced Species, Good and Bad was recognized as a Finalist in the National Indie Excellent Awards, 2016, Nature category. He has two books out there, both of them award winners. I could not be prouder of him and his accomplishments. In this book, he discusses how some species have been introduced into new territories, and what the outcome of that action has been. He also suggests somethings that could be done on an individual basis to help maintain a proper ecobalance around the world. 

My historical religious fiction novel, The Gospel of Mariamne, was also a Finalist, in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for 2017 in the category of religious fiction. The story of Jesus, particularly his 'lost years' is told from the perspective of Mary Magdaline, his wife. Yes, I am probably going to hell for this one, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do, right? 

Although it has been a while since we had any new releases, the next installment of the Cabochon series, Baffin Blues, is about to make it's debut later this month. It will be nice to see a new story on the shelves. 

Changes Coming On

Posted by mfwalkden on September 23, 2014 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, I suppose a change is a good as a rest, right? I hope so, at least. I wanted to update some new releases and upcoming release information, and ended p giving the whole place a face lift.

Surprisingly, one of the changes I needed to make was to AmandaLyn's page. We're still not sure this is a good thing. You see, she wrote some poetry (what she calls pooetry, because I suppose to her everything is a bit irreverent). From the title on through, you should be warned it's a bit of a bumpy ride. Through A Cannabis Haze and Rose-Colored Glasses (A Twisted Look at Sex, Religion and Politics... in verse of course) -- she has a gift for titles. *rolls eyes* She covers everything from baseball to wiener dogs, including stops in Ottawa, Washington and Vatican City.  

Tony's page will also soon be growing as he finishes off another book, this one on introduced species. He has spent two years researching this one, and we're hoping it will do even better than With A Dying Breath. He's still trying to find a place to donate his royalties on this one, so suggestions are welcome (bearing in mind that he is looking for a wildlife conservation/awareness organization).

As for me, well, as you can see, we've added my play, Game of Life. I sort of released my inner Bambi when writing that one -- an evening (in relative terms of time) with God, Allah and Buddha as they play the board game and discuss some of their mistakes. We're not talking just avocato pits here. I also have a redux of Redemption, along with a snazzy new cover, that was released this week. I'm glad to see Chiara, Livia and Adamo out there once more. Bhisti and The Gospel of Mariamne will be making their debuts in the next few months. Bhisit is my first foray into the realm of suspense, and I hope it meets the mark. The Gospel of Mariamne is the story of Mary Magdala and her relationship with Jesus. Before you get all upset about it, I am not saying that this is, well, gospel truth. It's fiction, sharing what I think could have happened, or perhaps what I would like to think happened, based on the data available.

The fourth installation in the Cabochon Incorporated Adventure series, Baffin Blues, is coming along. As the name indicates, we've gone from hot, arid Tasmania to damned cold Baffin Island in the Canadian arctic. There are some new characters -- some who will be memorable, and some you will defniitely want to forget, but it should be a fun ride.

Speaking of rides, if you missed WAMMs Great WAMMerican eScape when it was live, you may still want to go back and read through it. It was a blast! If you can't afford a vacation, why not take an e-cation with your best friends! It was a crazy ride. I've heard there are more promos on the way... also involving travel... but not for this chick. She'll be here, writing, researching and reading, but that's absolutely okay. You won't hear me complaining!

Awards Season!

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As awards season approaches in the publishing industry, I am incredibly thrilled to share that my novel Trip Anderson, USMC: The Road Less Travelled, has been chosen as a finalist in the ForeWord Review Book of the Year Awards in the military fiction category! Winners will be announced in mid to late June, 2014. In the meantime, Trip has been nominated for four other awards, the results of which should start trickling in next month.


The story follows the life and career of Trip Anderson, from the time he leaves high school at the end of World War II. Despite the odds at the time, he joins the US Marines because of the morals instilled in him by his grandfather, a US Navy chaplain. His career takes him to his first combat in the Greek Civil War, to Trieste Italy, to China during the rise of Mao Tse Tung's Communist regime. Because of a SNAFU that sends him back to the US, he is pulled back into active duty as an officer, heading to Korea, then returning to a very tumultuous America. The last combat he sees is in Vietnam, where the politics of war is all too apparent to him. Through his assignments, he learns much more about life, and death, than he thought possible. Trip Anderson was a prequel to my book The Red Of Flowing Blood I See, which is set in Canada and Vietnam during the war there.








Also nominated for several awards this past year was the third book in the Cabochon Adventure Series, Pigeon Blood Red. This one is set in Tasmania, where Ryan went to do a routine visit but then disappeared, so Brad and Andi have to get creative in how they go about finding him.



Click the book covers to read previews of each book.



Onward... and Upward

Posted by mfwalkden on February 28, 2014 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, I did it. I branched out (because writing novels under three different names wasn't enough). I stuck a toe into the raging waters of script writing, and discovered I love it. It's different, to say the least. Novels are about 'showing'. Plays and screenplays are about dialogue... but I love the challenge and the freedom of being able to write either way.

First, the play: Writers AMuse Me has opened its doors to playwrights, which will be a wonderful development. They have some incredibly talented playwrights coming on board, and some absolutely brilliant plays. After reading them, I had to try my hand at one. The result is The Game of Life.

Irreverent as hell, this play sees God, Allah, and Buddha sitting around the table, playing a centuries-old Game of Life, moving their playing pieces around the board, and discussing where they may have made the odd mistake. With their assistants catering to their every whim, they are troubled by how they are used and abused, while trying to keep a PMSing early-menopausal Jewish Mother Nature from creating too much havoc on Earth.

Second, the Screenplay: If you check out the trailers here, you will find a new one for Mortyfied, a one hour weekly drama series, that is currently on submission. Lang and Morty have been partners for years, solving crimes and sharing each other's burdens, but now Morty is dead, shot down in a robbery, and Lang has to face the job alone... or not, because it seems Morty's ghost is still riding shotgun.

In the novel department, there are some new projects also on the go. The new Cabochon book is moving alone, this one set on Baffin Island; the next Gallagher book is in the editing stages (although is still woefully without a title); the Cabochon Kids first book, Navy Seals, is in the artwork stages; The Red of Flowing Blood I See was given a new look; and the next project to be finished will be The Gospel of Mariamne, the story of Mary Magdalene, told from her perspective as the wife of Jesus -- yeah, there is nothing at all intimidating about that one! 

Here are some new covers.



Some big changes

Posted by mfwalkden on May 9, 2013 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been a while... too long, in fact... but for some good reasons. The first is that i wanted to add to the site. The first, and arguably the most important, addition is that of the Tony Walkden tag. Yes, he is related. He is my youngest son -- my award winning author youngest son. Take some time to check out his page and his book. All of his royalties go to the IUCN to help with global conservation. To say that he is passionate about animals and nature would be a tremendous understatement.

The second thing that has kept me from writing here is that I have been busy because, along with Tony, we also have the wonderful DeeJay Arens and his debut book that has blown the doors off the place by taking first place in the New Generation Book Awards 2013. If you have not read this book, you should. It is amazing. You will not be sorry, and you will be changed for the better for reading it. It was a well-deserved accolaid, and I am very proud to consider DeeJay a dear friend. Congratulations, Deej. I never doubted for a moment that you could do it. ((hugs))

There is also the very simple reason being that I have been writing, and editing, and all that other good stuff,  till my fingers are about to drop off. Writers AMuse Me has some great new authors coming out in the next few months -- Barbara Townsend, Steve Saari and Robert Clark all have some incredible books for us -- check out the Writers AMuse Me website to see them all. Heather Gregson and Shakey Smith have more goods coming out as well, and I have two coming out. The first is set for release on Memorial Day (May 27th). Trip Anderson, USMC: The Road Less Travelled has been an incredible journey for me, following Trip, who was introduced to us In The Red of Flowing Blood I See, as he goes as a young man fresh out of school to join the US Marines, and follows him through his many different tours and assignments, seeing him in love, in combat, in pain, and learning how he dealt with it all. The second release, set for November, is Pigeon Blood Red, the third in the Cabochon series. Ryan landed in a pile of trouble in Tasmania. Now Brad and Andi have to get him out of it, hopefully alive. There are definitely more Cabochon books in the works. The next will be Baffin Blues.


You can check out the Book Trailers for these and the rest of the books on the new Book Trailers tab at the top of the page. Yes, they all have trailers (PBR will have one up soon). You can also check out the trailers at Writers AMuse Me -- they have them for all the books coming out.

There is one other change I am making to the site, one that might surprise some of you. Besides the tabs for Tony and the Trailers at the top of the page, two other authors and their works have been added. To be honest, they are not really two other people -- they are just different facets of, well, me. I write under two other names, and have done so for years. It's never been a secret, but not something we advertised either, but because of time constraints, it is just easier to have everyone in the family together in one place. The two, Tom Bryde and AmandaLyn Donogal, are as polar opposite as it is possible to be, but they are both sides of me that are fun to indulge in periodically, and they do seem to have their own unique voices and opinions. Yes, it is very possible that I am losing my mind, but at least I am having some fun in the process.

CABOCHON -- An Adventure to Write

Posted by mfwalkden on August 2, 2012 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (0)


Let me introduce you to Andi, Ryan, Brad, Liam and The Old Man... the backbone of Cabochon Inc.

I should warn you... these are all very beautiful people, doing great work, having a lot of fun, but all of them are hiding their own secrets and demons. In Cabochon, they all come together on the island of Lapiz Lazuli, united in a fight to bring down Andi's slimy husband (who happens to want her and her two boys dead). It doesn't hurt that Ryan and Brad are both former Navy SEALS, with an ability to think and act with great speed and accuracy, but also with an inability to tolerate bully's of any kind. Now Aubrey Sterling is on their radar.

What makes these books, and the rest in the Cabochon series special for me is the fact that my boys were very involved in researching all aspects of them -- the environmental issues, the political issues for each country that the Cabochon team goes to visit, the details about mining and the different gemstones. The covers, as well, are the creation of my son. Thanks, Honey... you did awesome on them.

I hope you enjoy travelling the world with the Cabochon team as much as I enjoyed creating them.



Presenting 'Me' -- ta da!

Posted by mfwalkden on March 9, 2012 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I have too many things that take up my time already, so I am not sure why I would venture into the realm of yet one more thing to try to keep current, but I will try nonetheless. I suppose this one is just mine, the real me, and that is slightly intimidating. I prefer to be any other me.

I have been blessed in many ways, with family, with friends, and with friends who are family. I thank God every day for the wonderful writers I have come to know over the years; generous to a fault, caring, compassionate, smart, witty, sarcastic, and definitely talented. They have coddled, prodded, kicked, inspired, molded and mentored me. Thank you is never enough when weighed against all that you have given me. I am truly humbled every day

I write, I edit, I take photos, I worry, and I rant. I love to learn, I enjoy a challenge, I love the calm of a gentle rolling ocean and a long, warm, sandy beach, I loathe mice, snakes and bats (not the baseball kind). I dislike hockey, have no patience for spoiled celebrity or entitlement, I abhor crooked politicians of any stripe, I am addicted to baseball, I cheer on the Red Socks, I have a soft spot for the Padres, I would rather be in Southern California or Italy or Hawaii or Ireland. My walls need paint, my ass is too large, my children are more important to me than anything else, my heart has been broken. I thank profoundly anyone who has worn a uniform, I have never done recreational drugs, I drink occasionally, I swear constantly -- but its done out of passion. My sign is Leo, my music is anything but that new noisy garbage, and yes, I grow more like my parents every day, and I am totally okay with that because they were amazing people. I can install roofing and tile, can cook up just about any meal you want, can sew and clean, can do windows, and can land on the floor while holding a fruit salad with as much class as anyone can while doing that; I blame my kids for that.

You know now all there is to know about me, or at least all I care to indulge. Some was shared only to prevent the threat of blackmail. From here on in, it will be about words and pictures and word pictures (I threw an extra special 'and' in there just because I know it will annoy the living poop out of some people). I hope I won't bore you, but this gig comes with no guarantees.